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Guac on the Half Shell - Make It Simple!

Guac on the Half Shell - Make It Simple!

I can't claim credit for this idea.  The credit goes to the husband of the Fresh Gourmet Co. Retail Marketing Director, who's clearly a man after my own heart.  When the Dodger game starts in 10 minutes and it takes 5 minutes to pour Jack Daniels over crushed ice, that leaves only 5 minutes to get chips and guacamole ready in time for the first pitch.  Here's a fanstastic, delicious, innovative short cut!  

Simply slice a ripe avocado in half, discard the pit, and grab a bag of The Better Chip corn chips and Just Add guacamole starter.  Follow these procedures once you're settled on the couch:  1) squeeze a dab of Just Add onto the avocado;  2) scoop starter and avocado with chip (or a spoon);  3) eat;  and 4) repeat until avocado is gone.  Here's a bonus!  Once you're finished with one avocado half, there's still a second half for the later innings.  "Just Add" Guacamole Starter comes in two strengths:  Mild and Spicy.  The mild is almost fruity, and the spicy is really spicy.  Both are delicious.  Here's a link to find just add in the General Store:

Did I mention The Better Chip corn chips?  Thinking Doritos, Fritos, or tortilla strips?  Forget it.  When you bite Sweet Corn "The Better Chip," you need to think about corn-on-the-cob.  Sweet and delicious.  Whole grain and only four total ingredients!

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