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Gourmet Tuna Sandwich at Jimmy John's?

Gourmet Tuna Sandwich at Jimmy John's?

Last week, I, Trader Bob, made a batch of "HomeBrew Sweet Relish" Quick Pickle Mix and brought it to the office.  Today, I put it to work again - this time on an ordinary tuna sandwich delivered by Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches.  The difference is amazing.  It helps that I love the relish, but it really does complement and enliven  the other ingredients of the sandwich.  I pile it on, and it never seems to be too much.  

While I'm at it, you might as well see my entire lunch, so I took the picture with my pickled egg.  I'm telling you that pickled eggs are freakishly addicting.  So good.  

Here's a link to the HomeBrew page in my General Store:




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