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Blogger Bob

Day Two - Vodka Pickled Spicy Pineapple

Now we're getting to the good stuff. Vodka isn't my favorite - in fact - I never order it in a restaurant. But in this case, the vodka flavor disappears, and you have a delicious spicy pickled pineapple that packs a punch!

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Day One - Spicy Pineapple Quick Pickle Mix

Today starts our five-part series about HomeBrew Spicy Pineapple Quick Pickle Mix by focusing on the basics - how to make the recipe as outlined on the package. It seems too easy to be so delicious.

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Next Week is Pickled Pineapple Week

I, Trader Bob, feel it's my responsibility to experiment with Spicy Pineapple Quick Pickle Mix and various forms of alcohol. Next week, we'll discuss - one at a time.

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Practically Perfect Poolside Pairing Pairs

If you know me at all, you know of my love for a good Man-Tai. And when I have a perfect snack that complements the flavors and the occasion, I've got to brag about it.

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