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Blogger Bob

Pickled Mustard Egg In 24 Hours

The yellow color is vibrant, but the mustard & turmeric flavor is sublime. Eggs pickled in HomeBrew Mustard Pickles Quick Pickle Mix are a stunningly beautiful and delicious addition to even the most routine meal.

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Grate Beet. GREAT Pickled Eggs!

Every once in a while, you feel like a pickled egg. Good memories - for sure. Liverwurst sandwich, pickled eggs, and a Guinness (Joe Jost's-Long Beach) - or - a French Dip, pickled egg, & red wine (Phiippe's-L.A.).

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Huli Huli Chicken - The Final Product

Here's a photo of my Huli-Huli Chicken and the full recipe. What I can't capture are flavor of the meat and the neighbor's comment on the aroma. Yum.

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Huli Huli Chicken - The Prep

Blogger Bob brings his obsession of Huli Huli Chicken to his home kitchen, and - with the aid of Just Add Ginger Spice Puree and Garlic Spice Puree - makes a quick and easy marinade.

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