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It's Pickled Pineapple Week!

Five ways to enjoy spicy, delightful pineapple chunks made with HomeBrew Quick Pickle Mix.  You're welcome.  

Next Week is Pickled Pineapple Week

I, Trader Bob, feel it's my responsibility to experiment with Spicy Pineapple Quick Pickle Mix and various forms of alcohol. Next week, we'll discuss - one at a time.

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Day One - Spicy Pineapple Quick Pickle Mix

Today starts our five-part series about HomeBrew Spicy Pineapple Quick Pickle Mix by focusing on the basics - how to make the recipe as outlined on the package. It seems too easy to be so delicious.

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Day Two - Vodka Pickled Spicy Pineapple

Now we're getting to the good stuff. Vodka isn't my favorite - in fact - I never order it in a restaurant. But in this case, the vodka flavor disappears, and you have a delicious spicy pickled pineapple that packs a punch!

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Day Three - Tequila Pickled Spicy Pineapple

I, Trader Bob, am determined. I'm going to work my way through every major type of alcohol to prove how much excitement can be added to even ordinary ethnic dishes with Spicy Pickled Pineapple.

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Day Four - Rum Pickled Spicy Pineapple

We're getting there! Rum is a pirate's brew but pairs well with sophisticated "island faire," not to mention the perfect ingredient to make Spicy Pineapples unique, delicious, and "warming."

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Day Five - J.D. Pickled Spicy Pineapple

It's finally here. Day 5. Jack Daniels day (read: TGIF). I'm saving this post for tonight and a side of ribs! Perfect for Spicy Pineapple flavored with Jack Daniels.

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