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Holiday Snappy Apples - A Thoughtful Gift

Holiday Snappy Apples - A Thoughtful Gift

There is no gift as meaningful as something created in your own kitchen using the finest ingredients assembled with your own hands.  How about this?  Get home from work on Friday afternoon.  Spend 15 minutes slicing apples and preparing the HomeBrew ingredients in a pint jar.  Refrigerate.  And take a colorful, meaningful, and delicious gift to your dinner party on Saturday night.  As easy as it gets to create homemade, thoughtful goodness.  If it were me, I'd prepare a second jar for my own fridge - just being thoughtful to myself!  

It's fun to be creative.  Try layering red and green skinned apples for a "Christmassy" affect.  Note that the crisp colors fade as the pickled slices age, so the best time for maximum "color" affect is 24 hours after refrigeration. 

Here's a link to help you find HomeBrew Quick Pickle Mix  in Trader Bob's General Store:

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