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They're Finally Here - And They're Bitchen'

They're Finally Here - And They're Bitchen'

At long last, the Trader Bob's General Store t-shirts have been printed, delivered, and posted on our digital shelves.  After at least two month of internal bickering (me, myself, and I), I decided to produce a t-shirt that's really, really bitchen' and not one that's just one color or some other cheaper version.  The result is a 9-color silkscreen masterpiece.  For those of you who don't know colors, 9 is a really lot for a t-shirt using the silkscreen (higher quality than inkjet) process.  And that white is one of the colors makes the process even more prickly.  

Here are the details:  100% Hanes Beefy-T shirt; 9-color silkscreen (did I mention 9-colors); sizes Adult S  through XXXL (have you seen me?); and a 2-color silscreen Trader Bob's General Store "sign logo" where the pocket should be if the shirt had a pocket.  

When you order yours, be sure to specify the size.  My merchant account isn't very flexible when it comes to sizes.  Here's a link to find the Bitchin' T-Shirts in the General Store:

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