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Chilly Dillies "Unleaded" Bloody Mary

Chilly Dillies "Unleaded" Bloody Mary

Add a nice touch to a glass of tomato juice with a Chilly Dillie green bean, asparagus, or ___________ (fill in your favorite veggie here).  Turns a plain glass of tomato juice into a glass of tomato juice resembling something exotic - like a Bloody Mary.  I blanched the bean for this photo so that it would be fully pickled, and it's a little softer (like the texture and firmness of the stuffed olive (also in the photo).  

By the way, the glass in the photo is disposable and is dirt cheap.  I found it in the "dirt-cheap-disposable-glass" aisle in our local Ralph's and am super impressed by the price/value relationship.  This is the perfect glass to take on a picnic.  Nice enough to make a good impression but inexpensive enough not to worry about it if it gets lost or stolen.  I'm just sayin.  

Here's a link to help you find HomeBrew Quick Pickle Mix  in Trader Bob's General Store:


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