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Fire Dillies Spicy Bloody Mary

Fire Dillies Spicy Bloody Mary

Have you noticed the trends in beverage garnishes in drinking establishments these days?  It seems that bartenders are pickling almost anything, putting a toothpick through it, and somehow creating their own beverage spectacle.  We've seen bacon, whole asparagus stalks, whole mushrooms, brussel sprouts, red onion wedges, and every other imaginable veggie.  Here's your chance to keep up. I've used fresh green beans pickled in HomeBrew "Fire Dillies" Quick Pickle Mix to add spice to an already spicy beverage.  I've chopped the ends to make even beans and to allow additional pickling.  Again, the trend seems to be "the hotter the better."   

If you subtract the Bloody Mary from this photo, you're left with a jar of delicious, spicy Fire Dillies.  They work great as a side dish, on a relish tray, as a salad ingredient, or simply as a snack.  Blanch the beans first for tender, flavorful Dillies - or - pickle them "as is" for a crisp, bright Dillies.  In the photo, notice the red bits floating in the pickle brine.  That's the sure way you can tell whether your pickles are Fire Dillies and not the milder Chilly Dillies.  

Here's a link to help you find HomeBrew Quick Pickle Mix  in Trader Bob's General Store:

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