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Fire Dillies Mushrooms

Fire Dillies Mushrooms

These are spectacular.  The fire of the pickle mix hits you right away, and the tender texture of the mushrooms creates a combination that is really, really good.  Of course, "spicy" has to be on your "favorites" list.  If it is, this is the place for you.  

I don't know why I chose mushrooms for this project.  Oh - yes I do - I love mushrooms.  But I've made pickles using Fire Dillies Quick Pickle Mix on a number of other veggies, and each one is shockingly delicious.  As a rule of thumb, your typical veggie should be blanched.  It's just not necessary to soften the softest of the soft anyway.  

For this photo, I quartered my mushrooms which makes them perfect for an appetizer relish dish or for a poppable snack.  Is poppable a word?  I put the jar in the middle of my desk and balance my check book at the same time.  In other words, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  FYI, Fire Dillies Mushrooms is the "good."  

Here's a link to help you find HomeBrew Quick Pickle Mix  in Trader Bob's General Store:

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