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Lunchtime Leftover Stuffing Idea

Lunchtime Leftover Stuffing Idea

You can imagine my problem.  I take pictures of stuffing for my blog and am left with pans and pots and pans and pots of cooked and delicious leftover stuffing in the fridge.  Making a single serving of stuffing for my lunch hasn't been easy ... until now.  The key?  A "to go" cup and lid.  Here's what to do:  1) Scoop stuffing into a Dixie to-go cup (I used an 8 oz. cup from Smart & Final for this photo);  2) Trickle just a little water down the side so you don't soak the top stuffing - maybe a teaspoon or two?;  3) Cover the cup with the sipper lid creating captured steam when heated, and the hole allows ventilation;  4) Heat on "high" for about 1-1/2 minutes or so;  5) Uncover and fluff well with fork;  and 6) Enjoy.  

For this picture, I made MCK Traditional Stuffing using the "Oven" technique and added sausage and sage to personalize.  Only use about 1-3/4 sticks of butter when sauteeing the veggies.  Chop 1 lb. of sausage (I used spicy Jimmy Dean) as it fries in a skillet on medium heat, and pour it (including grease to make up for the reduced butter) and about 1 T sage into the 5 qt. sauce pan a little at a time to incorporate evenly.  Follow directions on the box to bring your finished stuffing home!  

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