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Truth In Photography

Truth In Photography

I say, and I repeat, I really do know the difference. As a Marketing Director, Communications Specialist, and Creative Agency Owner, I have directed and admired professional photographers for more than 30 years.  I've seen their tricks: using mashed potatoes as a stand-in for ice cream; spraying a fine mist on veggie surface to make it glisten; using incomplete heating times to brighten product color; painting eucalyptus oil on a surface for a juicy appearance; adjusting light filters back and forth and back again to highlight and enhance colors; etc. etc. etc etc.  Shooting donuts, cheesecakes, moussecakes, cinnamon rolls, fruit glacĂ©, etc. gives you a great insight into how it should be done.  

Having said all that, my blog photos are none of that.  I use two light boxes to erase shadows and photo backdrop paper to create a "cove' affect and show "infinity" - see this photo of my "set" as proof.  My camera is "point and shoot" (not even SLR), and I rely on my on-camera stobe as principle light source for products.  I put the photo in PhotoShop on my Macintosh to adjust the size of the file, and then I post the photo to my blog.  That's it.  

So, that explains why my photos aren't technically beautiful, but there's one important thing I really want you to know.  I actually take a bite (or more) of every, single food item I post in my blog.  That was a bit of a challenge on the day I shot 14 types of pickles in one day, but I think it's worth it for you to know that when I say, "Deeelish," I mean it.  BTW, when something ISN'T deelish, it doesn't make it into my blog.  

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