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Blogger Bob

Huli Huli Chicken - The Prep

Blogger Bob brings his obsession of Huli Huli Chicken to his home kitchen, and - with the aid of Just Add Ginger Spice Puree and Garlic Spice Puree - makes a quick and easy marinade.

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Fresh Gourmet Croutons in Hawaii

The owners of the local grocery store are no dummies. Even this little community market has the beautiful new packaging of Fresh Gourmet Croutons in their produce section.

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One Particular Harbor

Along the West Maui coast is this gem of a cove. Spectacular. Peaceful. Hawaii. Anybody recognize the Jimmy Buffet reference?

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Bread & Butter Quick Pickle Mix

Are you kidding me? These pickles taste EXACTLY like those my grandma used to make. She used to can all kinds of veggies, but the bread & butter cucumber pickle was always her favorite - mine, too!

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