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Blogger Bob

Pickled Spring Peas. Hah! In the Fall.

I'm not going to let the seasons get me down. To prove it, I'm making Pickled Spring Peas in the Fall using "Garden Fresh" Quick Pickle Mix. I was experimenting, but I stumbled on my new veggie pickle favorite! Really!

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Pickled Garlic. Really. Pickled Garlic.

Who knew?? I read about pickled garlic, so I thought I'd try it for myself. What I discovered is an unbelievably versatile and delicious savory treat. I contrasted the sweet of the pickle mix with the bold, garlic flavor of garlic.

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Microwave Stuffing Directions

There's an additional cooking direction to the four that are on every box of Mrs. Cubbison's Kitchen stuffing. Basic Microwave. It's quick and easy - and - it frees up all your other heating sources for turkey, gravy, casseroles, etc.

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Artisan Bread Stuffing - Unique. Delicious.

If substantial stuffing is what you're looking for, look no further. BIG chunks of authentic Focacia bread and four ways to prepare. Feel free to add your own "signature" enhancements to further make a memorable side dish.

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