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Blogger Bob

In-The-Bird Stuffing Directions

Whatever. I'm not about to cook an entire turkey just to show you what a stuffed turkey looks like. That's what clip art is for (see photo). The taste of In-The-Bird stuffing, however, is worth the effort if you're so inclined.

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Slow Cooker Directions - Corn Bread Stuffing

When you want to make the stuffing; forget the stuffing; and then remember the stuffing when it's dinner time, the slow cooker method of stuffing preparation is for you. And the flavor of Corn Bread. Wonderful.

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Top-Of-Stove Directions - Cube Stuffing

If I knew making stuffing was this quick and easy, it might've been my preparation choice all along. Of course, using Mrs. Cubbison's Cube Stuffing makes all the difference in the world with delicious herb seasoning.

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Oven Directions - Traditional Stuffing

This is the traditional way I traditionally think of traditional stuffing. I baked this batch of Traditional Stuffing in the oven. Creates a delicious, crispy, colorful surface, and this mix really works well with sausage, sage, etc.

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