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Blogger Bob

Ahh ... The Warmth of Mulled Apple Cider

There's nothing like mulled cider to warm your cockles. Consider: freshly-stoked fireplace. Cocker Spaniel on your lap. Football on TV. And warm, delicious apple cider mulled with organic spices to warm your belly. The best that Fall has to offer.

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Apple Week Is Here!

The start of fall signals the start of fall produce and various dishes that we crave so much when the weather turns "fall-like." For the middle week of September, we've got you covered with a new surprise every day.

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O.M.G. Banana Bread - And I Mean It!

I had zero expectations for this product. After all, no package mix could come close to my mom's "scratch" banana bread from back in the day. Quick. Easy. Delicious. Were my expectations wrong ... or what???

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Just Add Quick Bread & Crisp Mixes

New to the General Store! As easy as adding a stick of butter, fruit or veggie, and Quick Mix. Peach, Berry, and Apple Crisps. Banana and Zucchini Breads. Quick. Easy. Delicious.

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