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Blogger Bob

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Gourmet Tuna Sandwich at Jimmy John's?

Yesterday's hot dog inspired me for today's tuna sandwich. I'm telling you that the HomeBrew Sweet Relish turns "ordinary" into "really good." And I mean it. BTW, your eyes do see straight. That's a beet pickled egg.

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Gourmet Hot Dog at 7-Eleven?

Not bad. Really. Tom bought a hot dog for me at lunch. His hot dog of choice? 7-Eleven. The basics are all there, but the finer points needed a little fine tuning. That's where HomeBrew "Sweet Relish" came in handy. Deee-lish.

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Martinelli's 150 Years - 4th of July Parade

To help commemorate and celebrate their 150th Anniversary, S. Martinelli & Company took to the streets of Watsonville to share their joy with the local community.

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Guac on the Half Shell - Make It Simple!

Here's an easy alternative for quick and delicious guacamole. Simply open the avocado, grab some chips and a tube of Just Add Guacamole (mild or spicy) Starter, and adjust your recliner.

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