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Blogger Bob

Truth In Photography

I really do know the difference. Beautiful product photography involves technical skills, specialized equipment, a keen eye for detail, and a photographer with a special talent for composition. My blog has none of that.

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Lunchtime Leftover Stuffing Idea

Our office doesn't have an elaborate kitchen - basically a fridge, coffee pot, and microwave. We don't even have a sink or running water! Here's an easy way to reheat single-serve and enjoy fresh, delicious stuffing - anytime!

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Fire Dillies Mushrooms

Okay. So ... everything I said about Chilly Dillies Pickled Cremini Mushrooms except I used Fire Dillies Quick Pickle Mix and quartered the mushrooms instead of slicing. Wonderful texture. Warm color. Kick ass flavor. Deeelish.

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Fire Dillies Spicy Bloody Mary

Don't get me wrong. I'm not in the habit of making myself a strong, spicy Bloody Mary at 8 o'clock every Monday morning. This week, however, it's really important to snap this photo for the benefit of my blog fans. Cheers!

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