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News From Trader Bob

What's happening in the General Store.  Special offers.  New products.  Fun facts.  Other stuff I can think of as we go.  

Welcome To Blogger Bob

So. How cool am I? My Trader Bob's General Store now has a blog, and I'll get a chance to tell you about new products, new features, new promotions, and what I really think about almost anything.

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They're Finally Here - And They're Bitchen'

Very proud to make available the first ever Trader Bob's General Store T-Shirt - a nine-color silkscreen masterpiece of our very cool logo. Hane's Beefy-T shirt and eye-catching graphics. I'm thrilled.

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It's A Bird. It's A Plane. It's ... Sunglasses?

Trader Bob's General Store announces the addition of 100% UV protective sunglasses to our "Bobbles" lineup of eclectic and useful premiums. Tuck them in your beach bag, purse, glove compartment, golf bag. Cheap? You bet.

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One Particular Harbor

Along the West Maui coast is this gem of a cove. Spectacular. Peaceful. Hawaii. Anybody recognize the Jimmy Buffet reference?

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Truth In Photography

I really do know the difference. Beautiful product photography involves technical skills, specialized equipment, a keen eye for detail, and a photographer with a special talent for composition. My blog has none of that.

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