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S. Martinelli & Company

Martinelli's 150th Anniversary

Since 1868, S. Martinelli & Company has made the best-tasting apple juices and ciders of the highest quality. On Saturday, they marked the milestone with a fun-filled celebration!

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Apple Week Is Here!

The start of fall signals the start of fall produce and various dishes that we crave so much when the weather turns "fall-like." For the middle week of September, we've got you covered with a new surprise every day.

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Martinelli's 150 Years - 4th of July Parade

To help commemorate and celebrate their 150th Anniversary, S. Martinelli & Company took to the streets of Watsonville to share their joy with the local community.

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Ahh ... The Warmth of Mulled Apple Cider

There's nothing like mulled cider to warm your cockles. Consider: freshly-stoked fireplace. Cocker Spaniel on your lap. Football on TV. And warm, delicious apple cider mulled with organic spices to warm your belly. The best that Fall has to offer.

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Microwave Stuffing Directions

There's an additional cooking direction to the four that are on every box of Mrs. Cubbison's Kitchen stuffing. Basic Microwave. It's quick and easy - and - it frees up all your other heating sources for turkey, gravy, casseroles, etc.

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