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Blogger Bob

Next Week is Pickled Pineapple Week

I, Trader Bob, feel it's my responsibility to experiment with Spicy Pineapple Quick Pickle Mix and various forms of alcohol. Next week, we'll discuss - one at a time.

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Pickled Mustard Eggs In 24 Hours

The yellow color is vibrant, but the mustard & turmeric flavor is sublime. Eggs pickled in HomeBrew Mustard Pickles Quick Pickle Mix are a stunningly beautiful and delicious addition to even the most routine meal.

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Grate Beet. GREAT Pickled Eggs!

Every once in a while, you feel like a pickled egg. Good memories - for sure. Liverwurst sandwich, pickled eggs, and a Guinness (Joe Jost's-Long Beach) - or - a French Dip, pickled egg, & red wine (Phiippe's-L.A.).

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Huli Huli Chicken - The Final Product

Here's a photo of my Huli-Huli Chicken and the full recipe. What I can't capture are flavor of the meat and the neighbor's comment on the aroma. Yum.

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